Suggest 360-Raters to Your Manager

The ability to suggest 360-Rater feedback may only be available to some Trakstar Perform sites. It is also only available to the employee when the review is in scoring.

Suggesting 360-Raters to your manager is a great way to get valuable feedback from your direct colleagues.  If this setting is enabled, you can nominate members of your organization and outside your organization to your manager to provide an evaluation of your performance.

Step 1: Select Score Review from the homepage.

Step 2: Select Suggest 360-Rater above the review summary panel on the left-hand side.

Step 3: Select a 360-Rater using the dropdown. This is a complete list of your organization and allows you to add an outside respondent suggestion. You can add a reason if you would like to let your manager know why you are requesting the individual—Click Add Suggestion to save your choice.

Step 4: Add additional suggestions to send to your manager as needed, select Close to exit.

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