Track 360-Rater Requests with a Custom Review List

360-Rater Feedback requests can be tracked and managed by creating a custom review list. Two columns can be added to custom lists in Trakstar Perform to show the number of requested and completed 360-Rater Feedback requests.

While logged in as an Admin, select the Reviews page from the Navigation Bar. Select New Review List from the top right of the screen.

Give the review list a name and a description – it is required to build the custom review list.  Determine who can see the custom review list using the checkboxes.

Select the filter you’d like to use (add more than one if desired using +Add Filter). This determines which reviews the custom list will pull and display.

Under “Columns to Display” > “Review Fields,” choose to add “Requested 360s” and “Completed 360s”. This will display the number of 360-Requests sent and how many requests have been completed for each review document.

The report is now visible and can be accessed under the Reviews tab. Select Edit this Review List on the right to delete or edit the report. The list may be exported to a spreadsheet by clicking the Export button in the top. If you’d like to add these columns to an existing custom list, you can access the review list you’d like to edit and click on Edit this Review List.

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