The Power of Proxy: How to Log in as Another User

Perform allows admins to proxy into other users' accounts.  This is helpful in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Troubleshooting issues to see precisely what the employee is seeing.
  • Submitting or approving a review on behalf of a manager or employee - perhaps they are on leave or out the day it must be submitted.
  • Previewing the look and feel of your employee's instance of Perform - we suggest logging in as a test user to do this, not to impact your employees

From an employee's profile, click on Log In As User

This allows you to view Trakstar Perform as this user and take action on their behalf. Trakstar Perform will track that you take these actions in the company log while proxied into their profile.  Be aware that any updates or changes you make will be saved for the employee!

Are you all done? Click Return as Administrator in the upper right corner to log out of this employee's account and end your proxy session.

Pro Tip: You can see the account you are currently proxied into in the top left corner - it will state that you are navigating as: Employee Name.

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