Bulk Editing Review Information

Select Reviews and the review list you would like to view. (Goals and NotesScoring, or any Custom List created).

You can sort your reviews to make it easier to find those you are looking for. To sort your reviews by any column, click the column title of the category you would like to sort by. (i.e. Archive By Date)

Select those reviews you would like to edit by checking the box next to the Employee’s Name.

(Note: For selecting a large number of reviews, check the box for the first review you would like to edit from the list. Hold the shift key and then check the box for the last review you would like to edit. The reviews in between should automatically get their box checked. You may also utilize the "select all" box at the top of the list.) Once you’ve selected the desired appraisals, click Bulk Edit.

Use the arrow to expand the appropriate section for the edit you would like to make, make the appropriate change(s), then select Save to apply.

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