Create and Edit a Section

Sections create parts of a form that may be shared across many Positions. Sections contain a collection of Elements, including Competencies, Text areas, or Questions.

Sections may contain as many elements as desired. A Section will average the value of the elements within it and contribute the averaged percentage weight in the final calculation of the Review.

Select Forms from the Navigation Bar. Select Sections from the drop-down. Select Add Section to create a new section.

Give your new Section a name! This Section name will be the section title on all reviews and will be seen by the manager or employee scoring the appraisal.

Select the Element you would like to insert. We’ll start with competency. Choose the desired competencies from the list, then click Add.

ClickAdd Element at the top of the page to add another Competency, Question, or instruction Text. Select ‘Save and apply changes’ once you have added a new element.

The weight of Competencies may be edited by clicking on the percentage shown. This will bring up another box for you to adjust weights as needed.

 Adjust the weight of the Competency as desired. Click Save.

Reorder elements or Remove elements by hovering over the element.

Questions may be added to a section. Questions carry no weight but provide a text box for a narrative response. Click Add Element, then select Question. Click Add.

Fill in the fields as desired. The Title field will be a bold heading within the Section. The Question in the text box will appear underneath. Once complete, click Save.

You can also edit sections by choosing which role can score. Start by clicking Edit.

Under Section Scorable, you can choose whether or not Managers, Employees, and 360-Raters can score this section. Once finished, click Save.

This is an example of a completed section. Be sure to click Save and apply changes.

The section is now available for use in Positions.

You can view details about your sections by utilizing the columns on the Sections page.

When creating positions, the section will appear as a selection when adding elements to a position and choosing Section.

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