Adding & Editing Competencies

Competencies are an excellent way to measure the skills shown by your employees. Trakstar Perform even provides coaching tips for managers to help encourage employees to improve on skills they may be lacking. Add a new Competency, edit existing Competency, add Coaching Tips.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Perform Competency Library, and then read more to learn all about adding and editing competencies.

Log in as an Admin. Select the Competencies tab from the Forms tab. To add a new Competency to the Trakstar Perform Library, click Add Competency.

Populate the fields with the Name of the new Competency, and a Description. Select the appropriate Rating Scale if applicable. Use the standard level descriptions for the rating scale, or Override and Edit the Description if desired. Click Save Competency when completed. 

To edit an existing Competency, select it from the Trakstar Perform Library by clicking on it once. Re-write the name and description as desired in the respective text boxes. 

Click Override and Edit Description to rewrite the level descriptions as desired. Click Save Competency at the bottom of the page.

You can view which rating scale is assigned to each competency by utilizing the Rating Scale column on the Competencies page.

To view the Coaching Tips associated with each competency, select Coaching Tips from the gutter. Click Add Coaching Tip to add a new Coaching Tip. Click Save Changes when done.

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