Create or Edit a Rating Scale

Trakstar Perform has customizable rating scales that allow administrators to create scales that make sense for their employees and for their organization. Being able to edit these rating scales is a helpful feature to ensure employees and managers understand the levels of performance on competencies.

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Step 1:  Select the Forms tab from the Navigation Bar. Select Rating Scales from the menu. Click Add Rating Scale.

Step 2: Add a rating scale name and select the number of levels you’d like in your rating scale. Populate the rating title with descriptive words, such as: Excellent, Fair, or Poor. Please note that the number of levels cannot be changed at a later time (ie: You cannot change a 3-level scale to a 4-level scale.)  

Step 3: Choose a Short Description for each level. Example: Excellent = E. Fair = F. The Short Description serves as shorthand during the Scoring phase. They can be letters, numbers, or characters.

Step 4: Next, select the numeric Value of the level.  It may be helpful to think of numeric values in terms of percentages. The highest value (eg: 5 out of 5) must be 100%. The values often go up in equal increments (eg: in a 5-level rating scale, the values might be 20-40-60-80-100) but this does not need to be the case.

Step 5: Select whether or not the rating scale will all N/A rating by Employees/Managers. Then, decide whether you would like this rating scale to be used to evaluate goals during the score phase.

Step 6: Populate the level text fields with text descriptions of the level. For example: Excellent might have a text description of “Substantially exceeds job requirements.”

Advanced note: Are you looking to adjust the rating level description for a specific competency? You can do so from the Competencies tab.

Last,  Save Changes to Rating Scale.

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