Trakstar Perform Dashboard


The Trakstar Perform Dashboard allows administrators a quick glance at the status of their organization in Trakstar Perform. The Dashboard tool makes it easy to keep track of your organization’s progress throughout the review process.

Administrators will now have greater insight into various activities and information within their site. This includes (but is not limited to) the number of notes taken by employees and managers, the number of goals added, how many reviews are in scoring, and even how many self-reviews have been submitted. Your Dashboard is clickable for easy navigation.

Please note that the look of the Dashboard may vary depending on your setup.

Number of Employees & Scheduling

At the top of the Dashboard, you’ll be able to see the current number of active employees, how many reviews are past due, and even how many days until your next scheduled due date/or since your last due date. Click on the boxes to navigate directly to this information.

Review State & Requests

Here, we show you a breakdown of your active reviews, and which review state they may be in (Goals and Notes, Scoring, etc). You can also see the number of self-reviews in progress, submitted or overridden. If you’re utilizing 360-Rater feedback, you can see how many requests have been sent, and how many have been completed or declined. You can also hover over each chart to view specific numbers and percentages.

Past 30 Days of Activity

We can now provide you with insight into the past 30 days of activity in your site. You can see how many goals have been added by manages and employees; *how many notes have been taken; how many measurements have been added, the number of emails sent, and even the number of reviews that have been archived.

*Please keep in mind that only ‘visible’ notes are included in this count. Private notes are not included.

Activity by Role

In this graph, you can pinpoint specific times within the past 30 days where engagement among employees, managers, and administrators was high or low comparatively.

Please note that each site administrator will receive a Monthly Snapshot email at the beginning of each month, detailing the past 30 days of activity.

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