Clickable Administrator Dashboard

Did you know that you have a clickable administrator dashboard? With this interactive dashboard, you now have clickable tiles that you can select into to get where you're needing to go much faster!

To look at some examples, let's take a peek at your administrator dashboard. If you're needing to access the employees tab to update user data, you can select the Employees tile that reflects the total number of employees in your system!

If there are reviews past due in your system, this will also reflect on the dashboard. By selecting into this tile, you'll enter the Scoring tab, which will be sorted by archive date so that you can see whose reviews are past due at the top of the list.

You also have the ability to see which reviews are in the Goals and Notes phase and which are in the Scoring phase. By selecting on the specific phase in this chart, it will take you to either the Goals and Notes tab or the Scoring tab.

In the Last 30 Days section of the dashboard, you're able to see statistics on certain activities that have taken place within the last thirty days. The tiles that reflect will depend on what activity has taken place within that timeframe, so we have provided a few examples below.

If you were to select in the Goals Added by Managers or Goal Added by an Employee that we see in the image below, this would take you into the Goals and Notes tab.

Selecting into the Measurements Added tab will bring you to a report that lists all of the measurements that employees have added.

Clicking the Emails Sent tile will take you to the Email Log, which will be sorted by date to reflect the most recent emails that have sent from the system.

Lastly, going into the Review Archived tab will bring you into the Archived tab of your system, which will present with all reviews that have archived in your account. This will be sorted by "archive by" date so that you can see the most recent reviews at the top of the list.

We hope that this clickable dashboard provides you with quicker access to tasks you're needing to accomplish in your system! For any additional questions, reach out to us at

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