Performance History

The Performance History report is an excellent indicator of how employees perform over time. Not only can you see a general trend line, but you can dive deep into performance data.

Log in as an Admin or Manager.  Using the Reports tab on the Navigation Bar, click Performance History.

Under Documents, select the list of data you wish to view.

NOTE: Create a New Custom List if you wish to view a document data set based on specific criteria beyond the default choices.

NOTE: Performance history may have lots of connected dots, or it may have many scattered dots.  It’s good to connect them to see a trend line.  To do this, you may need to shorten the length of time from many years of data to fewer years of data to create trend lines.

Refine the data set by selecting the group of documents you wish to view from the Group By list.

Managers will be able to filter the report depending on whether they want to see data for just their direct reports or all subordinates:

Hover over a trend line to reveal performance specifics over time. Hovering on a specific dot shows the review data for a thorough review. From here, you can click View Review to view the scoring data.

Michael’s performance has been between 3.8 and 3.4 since 2019.

Each dot on the line represents a unique performance review.

Hover on a name (as shown in this example) or a department, location, etc., to reveal the specifics of that data set. There will be a trend line on the graph.

The reports get even more granular below. Here, when hovering over employee Jim, the graphs below show Jim's ratings per competency on each review that comprises the data set and also reveal the specific competency trends. Some competencies may not contain data, depending on the data set selected.

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