Rating Distribution

The Rating Distribution Report is a way to see how employees have been scored over time. If you need to see how individuals in a specific department or group within your organization have performed, this report is an excellent visual tool.

Step 1: Log in as an Admin or Manager. Using the Reports tab on the Navigation Bar, click Rating Distribution.

Step 2: Under Documents, select the list of data you wish to view.

NOTE: Create a New Custom List if you wish to view a data set of documents based on specific criteria beyond the default choices.

Step 3: Refine the data set by selecting the group of documents you wish to view from the Group By list.

Step 4: Manager can select the scope of the report, choosing to see just their direct reports or all of their subordinates:

Step 5: The rectangles represent groups of review documents rated at a particular level.

Step 6: Hover on a rectangle to reveal the group of reviews it represents. In this example, the black bars represent a collection of reviews for the Sales Associate position. Each bar may represent a more minor or more extensive collection of review documents with a particular rating, depending on the size of the bar.

NOTE: Click on a bar to reveal the specific data set that makes up the bar below the graph.

Step 7: The reports get even more granular below. Hover on a position.

Step 8: Here, when clicking on a bar at a certain level, the documents that comprise the data are revealed.

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