Trakstar Perform Activity Log

Trakstar Perform's Log is a tool that allows administrators to see activity history within their Trakstar Perform site. It can be searched and filtered by user, date, and action as well as by the names of users making it easy to search for specific activity.

Select the Reports tab from the Navigation Bar. Select Activity Log from the menu.

The Log reveals all user actions within Trakstar Perform. Sort the data by UserDate, or Action. You can search for specific terms using the "Find Log Entries" search bar. 

You also have the ability to filter - this is to assist when looking for specific info and then exporting that exact data. Note: You can utilize filters and the search bar simultaneously. 

There are four fields that can be filtered:

  1. User – The user that implements the changes
  2. Data Type – The object that is changing (review set, competency, etc)
  3. Action – What is being done (approve, cancel, update, etc)
  4. Data Target – Who is being actioned on

For example, if searching for all ad-hoc reviews that have been created, you could select the following filters:

Data Type > Review Set, Action > Create, and then search for the term “ad-hoc”.

Below are some of the common filters that can be utilized:

  1. Data Type
    1. Approver – shows approved reviews
    2. Comment/Note/Answer 
    3. Competency/Goal
    4. Strategic Goal
    5. Survey
    6. Review – shows info on self-reviews and 360 feedback
    7. Review Set – shows wholistic info about creation and changes to reviews
    8. User - shows holistic information about creation and changes to users
  2. Action
    1. Approve – shows review approvals
    2. Create – shows instances of review, notes, comments, and user creation
    3. Destroy - shows instances of review, notes, comments, and user deletion
    4. Request – shows 360-feedback requests
    5. Submit – shows self-review submittals
    6. Update - shows instances of review, notes, comments, and user updates

To view a specific employee’s log, click on their name from the employee list. From their profile page scroll to the bottom to Show User Logs. This Audit Log is specific to the employee.

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