Do you accept feature requests?

How can I submit a feature request?

First, thank you for your insights! We appreciate you sharing your product thoughts with us.

To ensure we fully understand how this new feature could help your business be more successful and ensure that we understand the ultimate goal. Help us understand the "why" of your request.

Click here to submit your detailed request or view our product roadmap here.

Our Product Philosophy

Here at Trakstar Perform, our product philosophy is to build items that help the most users.  For this reason, we consider requests holistically, with a lens on how they'll affect all users, across the board.  We then write out Product Roadmaps, one quarter at a time, to plan out this work.

Our team will decide if a feature will be useful across the board, for all Trakstar Perform users, and then will find a fit on our Product Roadmap.  

While we do consider every request, we can't guarantee that we will be able to implement the feature - and we can't share specific timelines of when you may see this update.

Though we are always looking for ways to improve the Trakstar Perform system, we cannot implement every feature request we receive.

What happens if you decide to implement my feature request?

If we decide to implement your request, we may be in touch to gather additional information and feedback from you - or even ask you to test out the new feature!  Once it has been fully implemented, we'll release it to the entire Trakstar Perform community, and be in touch with you personally as well.

Due to the number of feature requests that we receive, we are unable to proactively reach out with updates.  If you have submitted your request through the product portal you can see what is currently 'under consideration' or 'recently launched'

Because we have a variety of subscription plans, it's possible that this feature may already exist - or be on our product roadmap for an upcoming release.  

Have any questions we can't wait to hear them!  Email us at

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