Workflow: : Connecting Trakstar Perform and Trakstar Hire

Once you’ve found the perfect candidate in Trakstar Hire, you can quickly move them over to Trakstar Perform to manage their performance.

You’ll need access to the Trakstar Perform Admin’s login and a Trakstar Hire Super Admin login to set this up. If you’re not both of these people, find them and have them join you in this quick setup!

First, your Trakstar Perform Admin will generate an integration key in Trakstar Perform. To do this, navigate to “Settings” on the left-hand panel, and pick “Company”:

Next, click “Generate Integration Key”:

Copy this key, and find your Trakstar Hire Super Admin! Have this person log in to Trakstar Hire. You’ll visit Settings > Apps & Integrations (In Trakstar Hire).

  • Select Trakstar Perform > Connect to Trakstar Perform.

You’ll then see the box to input the integration key from Trakstar Perform, which will link your accounts!

When you mark a candidate as “Hired” in Trakstar Hire, you’ll see the option to add the candidate to Trakstar Perform.

  • Once you pick “Add to Trakstar Perform,” a pop-up will let you fill in any necessary details. Click “Add to Trakstar Perform” again to send the candidate over.

The candidate data will now appear in your Trakstar Perform account!

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