Managing Groups

Groups are ways further to specify an employee’s position in an organization.  A group starts with a Department, such as Accounting, Sales, or Warehouse.  Groups can expand and enable Trakstar Perform Administrators to gather essential data by group.  For example, an Administrator may wish to see a report on performance for employees in the Warehouse at the Springfield location.

Step 1: Select Settings and the Groups tab from the Navigation Bar. Your organization may already have one or more groups listed in this area. This is because groups may be designated during your organization’s initial data import into Trakstar Perform.

Step 2: Existing groups may be reordered using the promotion/demotion arrows.  Groups may be retitled by clicking Edit.

Step 3: New Group types may be added by clicking Add a Group Type. Groups may be added or deleted by clicking Add a Group.

Step 4: To assign a Group to a single Employee, navigate the Employees tab on the Navigation Bar. Click on the desired employee’s name.

Step 5: Click Edit to open up editable data fields.

Step 6: Assign the employee to the desired groups using the drop-down menus. Click Save.

Step 7: To assign a Group to multiple employees simultaneously, select multiple employees from the Employee list. Click Bulk Edit.

Step 8: Click the arrow to expand the Group fields. Select which groups you would like to assign to the selected employees. Click Save when the desired changes have been made.

Deleting Groups is a little trickier.  Before deleting a group, all references to that Group must be removed from Active Employee records first. Select multiple employees containing the Group to be deleted, and choose None from the pop-up menu. When all references to the Group are gone, the group may be deleted from the Groups tab.

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