Trakstar Perform Security and Passwords

Ensure you are logged in as an admin to manage your security settingsFrom the navigation bar, select Settings > Security.

You can select if you'd like to set a Password Lifetime, which means the password must be reset at the end of this specific period.  You can also disable the Stay Logged In option. You can Force User Password Reset upon login. This is commonly used upon log-in in to Trakstar Perform for good password hygiene. Clear User Password Reset undoes the force reset.

Once you've made any changes, be sure to click Save.

Admins may reset individual passwords on behalf of a user from the Employee record. Select an Employee from the  Employees tab on the Navigation Bar. Click Edit and then Change Password. Click Save to finalize all changes. 

Pro Tip: We highly recommend copy-pasting the guidance below into your Welcome Email.

All passwords must contain the following attributes:

  • a minimum length of 8 characters
  • a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols

Examples of strong passwords are fKXq(CW2, be1jSuQ!, cV8&&7w+.

Note: A strong password helps keep your users' data safe - the more robust the password, the more protected a user's Perform profile will be. Suppose your users are worried about remembering these types of passwords. In that case, we recommend connecting with your internal IT team regarding a password manager - or, if you don't want to have your users make these changes, we offer Single Sign-On (SSO). Your users won't have to memorize another password!

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