How to Share Approver Comments with Employees

Within Perform, an employee will never see approver comments added to their review. These comments are not typically shared with employees but are usually shared with management and HR. However, if you want to share these approver comments with an employee, you can do so by providing them with a PDF copy of the review!

To learn more, see the video or written instructions below:

To share these approver comments with your employee, you will want to wait until the review is fully archived. Once the review is archived and you're ready to share the approver comments, select the Reviews tab > Archived tab. That way, you're ensuring that all approver comments have been captured. 

Once in the Archived tab, locate and select the employee's review. To pull the PDF copy of this archived review, navigate to the "..." button towards the upper righthand corner of the review. Once you select this button, you can then select View PDF. 

Selecting View PDF will populate a box of options you can select from before finalizing the PDF. Here, you can select the box to show the approver comments, including any comments added along with the other review data. 

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