The Review Hub

Within an employee's review, there are a number of navigation tabs located above the contents of the review. This is known as the Review Hub.

If you'd like a tour of the Review Hub, we've presented this in a video and written guide below!

The options available in the review hub differs depending on the phase of a review cycle! To start, let's review this for a review that is in the Goals and Notes phase.

As soon as you select into a review that is in the Goals and Notes phase, it will take you into the Goals and Notes tab of the review hub. Here, an employee or their manager will be able to add goals, measurements, and notes!

Along with the Goals and Notes tab, you will also see a Scoring tab and a Future tab (we'll cover the future tab shortly). As you can see, the scoring tab won't be available until the review goes into the scoring phase. The tab will reflect the date the review is due to go into scoring, and you will also see a date in the upper righthand corner of the review that reflects this date.

Once the review enters the scoring phase, you'll notice there are a number of additional tabs that have populated into the review hub!

In addition to the goals and notes and future tabs, you now can see the 360-Rater Feedback, Self-Review, Manager Review, Approval, and Archive tabs. In the 360-Rater Feedback tab, an administrator or manager will be able to assign 360 raters. The Self-Review tab is where the employee will complete their feedback, and the Manager Review tab will be where the manager completes their feedback.

Until the self-review and manager review has been completed, the approval and archive tabs will remain grayed out. Once available, the Approval tab is where the review can be submitted into the approval step, final approvers will acknowledge the review prior to it being archived.

If your process is set up to auto-archive reviews, you may not have to access the Archive tab. However, it is there in the event you need to manually archive reviews.

The final tab located in the review hub is the Future tab. This is available while a review is in the Goals and Notes or the Scoring phase.

Here, employees and managers can add goals or take notes towards the review cycle that will come after the current one. This can be helpful if an active review is still in approval but an employee already knows their goals for the next review period!

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