The User Chooser: A Quicker Way to Proxy

As an administrator, you may need to login as another employee from time to time. While there are a few different ways you can do this, we'd like to show you how to access the user chooser! This method is quickly accessible wherever you may be in your Trakstar account.

From your administrator dashboard, select the circle in the top-right corner that contains your initials or profile photo. Here, you can view a dropdown that says Select an employee.

Using this drop down, an administrator can log in/proxy in as any user within their organization. This will allow them to see Trakstar from that employee's view and to perform certain actions on that employee's behalf.

If an administrator performs any action on the employee's behalf while logged in as them, the activity log within your system will maintain a record of that activity. It will also capture the name of the administrator who logged in as that employee to perform that action.

Once you select the name of an employee from this dropdown, it will immediately take you into that employee's view. Here is an example below:

Once you're ready to return to your administrator view, you can select the Return as button in the top-right corner, or you can click into your profile bubble again and select Switch to Administrator View.

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