Create a Custom “Welcome Message” for your Users’ Home Page

Within your Trakstar account, you have the ability to set custom welcome messages for employees and managers. The welcome message is a great place to input details specific to your review cycle, such as the review schedule or when to have goals added. You can also provide links to training materials in the welcome message so that managers and employees can access these any time they log into their Trakstar account!

To get started with creating your custom welcome messages, you will need to be logged into your Administrator view. Once there, navigate to the Settings tab to the left of your screen. You will then need to select into the Company tab. 

Located below the Branding details in your company settings, you will find the Welcome section. This provides you with the option to edit the welcome message for employees, as well as for those assigned to the manager role within your system. 

By having the welcome messages separated by role, this allows you to customize details that you may only want the manager to see. Once you're ready to create or change these messages, select Edit next to "Employee" or "Manager." This will open up the "Title" and "Message" fields. Within the message field, you have the ability to format the text, or even include bullet points or numbered items. You also have the ability to add hyperlinks, which can be tremendously helpful to direct employee to your company's intranet or training materials.

Once you have finished creating/editing the welcome message, select "done" towards the bottom-right to close out of the message box. You will then need to scroll to the very bottom of the Company page and select the "save" button listed there. This ensures that the welcome messages fully update for all users. 

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