Video: Export a List of Employees

If you need to review or spot-check employee data within your system, you can access these details by going into the Employees tab > Active tab. You also can export this data into a spreadsheet.

To learn how to view the video below or follow the steps below!

To begin, ensure you are logged in as an Administrator and navigate to the Employees tab within the navigation bar to the left. Selecting Active will take you to the list of all active employees in your system.

You can then select the Export button towards the page's upper righthand corner.

This will load as a background job within the "bell" icon toward the top of the page. Depending on the size of your organization, it may take a few moments for this to download. You can proceed with accomplishing any other tasks in the system as this loads! Once it has fully loaded, you will be able to select the "bell" icon and select the link to download the spreadsheet. 


Within this spreadsheet, you can view all employee details, including manager, position, process, and any other groups within your system, such as location or department!

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