How to Create an Ad-Hoc (One Time) Review

If you need to create a one-time review, such as an introductory/new hire review or a performance improvement plan, using an Ad-Hoc review is just the ticket! We're here to walk you through the steps of adding an Ad-Hoc review to an employee's profile.  Watch the video below or keep reading to learn more.

Step 1. Create a Process and Position
Before assigning an Ad-Hoc review, make sure you have a Process and Position template prepared for the type of review you're assigning. Although Ad-Hoc reviews won't recur like your company's annual or mid-year reviews, the Process you use will set the rules, such as if the employee can add goals, who the approvers will be, etc. 
Step 2. Assign the Ad-Hoc Review
Once you've prepared the Process and Position, it's time to assign the review to the employee! To start, go to the employee's profile, and scroll down to the Review Sets. From there, you can select the  Create button and choose Create an ad hoc review from the dropdown. 
This will prompt you to input the details for the review, such as the Manager, Process, Position, Archive Date, and Period. You can also set a specific name for the review to match the type of review you're creating, such as a 90-Day or Performance Improvement Plan. Once you complete the information, select Save to create the review.
After the review is created, it will populate under a section titled Ad Hoc Reviews in the employee's profile.
When the Ad-Hoc review is fully completed, it will update the status to archived and remain in the Ad Hoc Reviews section for an administrator, manager, or employee to refer back to at any time!

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