Setting Up a Restricted Admin

Restricted Admins are a unique role within Perform.  They can add new users.  In addition, Restricted Admins can work with specific tasks for any users that fall under their purviews - such as changing passwords, updating user email or login, changing managers or positions, and managing reviews (such as scheduling due dates and canceling reviews).

Note: Restricted Admins can add new users to the system but will only have access to manage employees assigned to them or fall under their scope.  This means a Restricted Admin can add a user they may not be managing.

Restricted Admins cannot access the Forms, Processes, or Settings tabs. Restricted Admins can learn more about the specific permissions and tasks associated with their roles here.

Follow the steps below to grant Restricted Admin permissions to a user within the Perform system.

As an Administrator, select the employee you wish to make a Restricted Administrator from the Employees tab. 

Select the Edit option in the Employee Information Section.Check the box next to Restricted Admin.

Specify the Restricted Administrator’s span of control by adding manager name(s) or groups to the Manage Restrictions field. The Restricted Admin can manage all users and reviews below the manager(s) or within the groups specified in this field in the employee hierarchy.

Click Save to Complete.

This employee will now have Restricted Administrator abilities with all employees under the Manager or within the Group you have specified.

If you currently do not have the option for Restricted Admin within Perform, reach out to your account manager or the support team!

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