Strategic Goals

What are Strategic Goals? 

Strategic Goals are the over-arching goals that determine the long-range direction of the company; they are the “What” and “Why.” Trakstar Perform allows you to create Strategic Goals and align them to measurements on an employee's review to ensure all employees are working towards common company goals.

Examples of Strategic Goals:

  • Expand sales to existing customers
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase sales by 10% annually

Important Note: Strategic Goals are not goals that are assigned to individual employees within your organization. These are company-wide goals that multiple people will work to achieve!

If you'd like to add a goal for all employees, this can be achieved by cascading a goal from the individual at the top of your org chart to "all subordinates"! 

Adding Strategic Goals

Note: only Administrators can create and edit Strategic Goals! 

Select the Strategic Goals tab from the Navigation Bar. First, begin by creating a category that will house Strategic Goals. This could be something along the lines of "2020 Strategic Goals" or be broken down by department. 

Be sure to save your changes! 

Click Add a Strategic Goal to add a new Strategic Goal. Strategic Goals can include a description, due date, and percentage complete.

These should be goals related to specific targets that your organization has, that employees will be working together to achieve - an example in the screenshot below is "Develop new sales process". This likely requires collaboration from multiple teams or departments, and Strategic Goals will allow you, as an Administrator, to view the progress towards this target.

Once you're finished, click Save! 

Aligning Measurements with Strategic Goals

Managers and employees can align their work to Strategic Goals when adding goals to a review. First, click Add Measurement, and then click Align to Strategic Goal. Select any Strategic Goal to align your measurement.

Tracking Strategic Goals

As an Administrator, you can view aligned users and measurements by selecting any Strategic Goal from your list. This will help you see who is contributing to your company's initiatives! 

Click ‘View aligned measurements‘ to see a list of all measurements aligned to that specific strategic goal. Or, select any aligned user to view the specific measurement assigned to that employee.

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