Predefined 360-Rater Groups and Allowing Employee Suggestions for 360 Rater

Advanced 360-Rater Functionality

*360-Rater is a feature that may not be available in some legacy Trakstar Perform sites. Please contact if you have questions about adding 360-Rater to your account.

Creating pre-defined 360-Rater groups is an excellent way for employees to be rated by certain groups such as coworkers or direct reports. Employees can also be allowed to suggest 360-Raters, which is helpful if they have worked closely with an individual and feel that they can provide helpful feedback on their performance.

Trakstar Perform offers the ability to allow employee-suggested 360-Raters as well as administrator-prompted groupings of 360-Raters. Managers will be able to add and remove individuals as they wish.

To get started with either of these options, access the Process you would like to edit from the Processes tab. Select  Edit in the 360-Rater section.

Allow Employees to Suggest 360-Raters

This will allow employees to  suggest 360-Raters – both within the organization and externally – when their appraisal is in scoring mode. These suggestions are sent to the manager for review.

Here’s what the manager would see on their landing page upon an employee suggesting a 360-rater:

The manager will then accept or dismiss the suggestions. The employee will not be notified if the suggestion is accepted or dismissed:

Add Predefined 360-Rater Group:

There are four types of groups available:

Direct Reports: this group will dynamically pull in anyone who reports to employee being evaluated. This is most commonly known as ‘Upward Feedback’. If the employee being evaluated does not have direct reports, this group will not populate.

Group: this 360-Rater group will be driven by one of the predefined groups you set up in your Trakstar Perform site. These groups can be added and configured under 'Settings' > 'Groups'. These might consist of groups such as Location or Department.

Coworkers: this group will automatically suggest any employees with a shared manager as the employee being reviewed.

Empty: this group serves as a prompt for the managers to add their own 360-Rater requests. For example, you may want to remind your Managers that need to request feedback from External Clients. No 360-Raters will automatically be added to this group.

Name your predefined group, this is what your managers will see as the administrator suggestions on the 360-Rater page in the review hub. Select the 360-Rater Group type that you want based on the descriptions above. Each group also has an option for ‘Anonymous 360-Rater Feedback’. Anonymous here means anonymous from the person requesting feedback as well as site admins and Trakstar Perform staff. 

Add additional 360-Rater Groups as desired. Select Save.

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