Integration: Connect Your HRIS to Trakstar Perform via SFTP Data Feed

Trakstar currently offers the ability to connect an SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) data feed from your HRIS to relieve the burden of manually updating users within the system. Often, your HRIS can set up automatic nightly delivery of a file to our servers, allowing Perform to keep your user data up to date and in sync with your source of truth.

Connecting Trakstar and your HRIS via the SFTP data feed is easy. Below are the steps you and your technical teams to set this up.  If you're ready to begin connecting your HRIS and Trakstar Perform, reach out to us at! 

Step 1: Ask your HRIS if they can automate the delivery of a CSV file with the following column headers. Include the below columns, in order, from left to right. Download a template of this report here.

Employee ID
First Name
Last Name
Manager ID
Hire Date
Employee Status
Business Unit
Home Department
Company Code
Job Class

Step 2: You will need to identify which data in your HRIS system best matches the column headers we are looking for and let your HRIS know. The employee ID field needs to be the unique ID for your employee as it is set in your HRIS - without this, the integration will not work.

Step 3: Your HRIS will need information about the SFTP environment and credentials, and they may provide you with a document to fill out to return to them. We are happy to help you fill out any information you need from Trakstar.

Step 4: Once you have given the information to your HRIS, they should be able to tell you how long it will take for them to set it up. We have seen this stage take as long as 2 to 3 weeks. 

Step 5: While you wait for your HRIS to set up the delivery, provide Trakstar with the downloaded copy of the CSV file.

Step 6: Using the downloaded copy, Trakstar will begin creating your integration, and we will use this file to start testing. We will test again once your HRIS is sending the files.

Step 7: After reviewing the data for errors in the testing environment, Trakstar will work with you to make any adjustments that are needed.

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