Enrolling Your Team in Trakstar Academy

Hi! Welcome to Trakstar Academy - we’re excited for you to get your team enrolled!

As an Admin, you have been added to Trakstar Academy's own Learn account.  This account is separate from your teams' other Trakstar logins, including your own Trakstar Learn instance.  

Within Trakstar Academy, you can enroll your team in learning and monitor their course progress. 

Do you need to be added to the Trakstar Academy Learn account?  Reach out to your customer success manager or support@trakstar.com - we are happy to help!

Getting Started

  • Start by logging in to Trakstar Academy's Learn account, located at https://trakstarcustomertraining.learn.trakstar.com/
    • Note: This login is not the same username and password you used for other Trakstar products.  It will be your email and the unique password for setting up this account.
    • Have trouble logging in?  Try using an incognito window.
  • Once logged in, you will see a dashboard with your team’s course completion stats. Below we'll walk through some common tasks you may do as an Academy Admin!

Manage & Add Users to Trakstar Academy

Need some help with this process? Just reach out! We are happy to assist with uploads and course assignments for your team.

Add New Users to Trakstar Academy

To add new users to Trakstar Academy, start by clicking on Users from the left navigation bar.

Click on Users from the left navigation bar.  You'll see a list of users already enrolled in Trakstar Academy.  You can modify these users by clicking on their names.

Click on Add Users in the upper right-hand corner to add a new user.  You can then select to add Individual users or bulk upload users From Excel.

Add Individual Users

To begin, select Individual from the drop-down menu under Add Users.  Fill in the details about the user - including First Name, Last Name, and Email.  

Select Trainee as their role under Choose Role.  

Assign your new user to your company's group.  Under Add to groups, select Company: [Your Company].  This is required to manage and view the user's status within Trakstar Academy!

You can immediately Invite to the course to get this user started with Trakstar Academy!

Be sure to click Add in the lower right corner.  If a user is added to courses, they will receive an email notification and can set up their account.  If they are not added to a course at this time, they will not be notified of their new Trakstar Academy account until they are enrolled in a course.

Add Multiple Users

You can upload multiple users at once via an Excel file.  Learn more about this process here.

Reminder: After uploading the Excel file into Trakstar Academy, assign your new users to your group.  Under Groups, select Company: [Your Company].  This is required to manage and view the user's status within Trakstar Academy!

You can assign courses to all users in your Excel file during the upload process under the Courses section.

Be sure to click Add when you're done!

Enroll Users in Courses

Navigate to the user you'd like to assign courses to.  Click Users, then select the user from the dashboard - or search for them.  Click on their name to bring up their profile.

Once in their user profile, click Invite in the top right corner to select the courses.

Prefer to assign courses for many users at once? Check out these directions!

How do I find courses to enroll my team in?

The Trakstar Academy Learn account is organized by product, trak, and course description.  

A trak is the course type.  The Academy has three traks:

  • Role Trak: Courses designed for specific roles within each product.
  • Workflow Trak: Courses designed for common workflows or processes within each product.
  • Feature Trak: Courses designed for deep dives into specific features within each product.

You can see all Trakstar Academy courses laid out here, and then find the corresponding course within the Trakstar Academy Learn account.

Once you've chosen your course(s), log in to Trakstar Academy and click Courses from the navigation bar.  From there, search for the course you'd like to enroll your team in.  Click on the course.

Click Invite in the top right corner and select the user(s) you want to enroll.

Communicating with Your Team About Trakstar Academy

You've added your users, enrolled them in courses, and now they're ready to learn about Trakstar products!

We suggest sending an email or other internal communication with your team to give them a heads-up and let them know what is happening.  This way, they'll be ready to take the courses and get started ASAP.

Below are some tips and sample messages to share - feel free to edit them to fit your style and specific setup.

Helpful Password Tips

  • Log into Trakstar Academy's Learn account via the homepage: https://trakstarcustomertraining.learn.trakstar.com - bookmark this site!  It is a unique portal only for Trakstar Academy courses.
  • Use your company email address and the password set when you first logged in or accessed a Trakstar Academy course.
  • Resetting your Perform password will not impact your Trakstar Academy login or password.
  • Can't remember your password?  Click on Forgot password? from the login screen. This will generate a password reset for Trakstar Academy only.

  • Note for SSO: This login is not via SSO.  Please be sure to use the above directions!

Email Template

Below is an email template you can use - feel free to modify it to fit your performance review process, and include any password tips that may be helpful!

To help you learn how to use Perform, you will receive an invite to an eLearning course!

Watch out for an email with the subject: You’ve Been Invited to Trakstar Perform: Role Trak: Employee Training.  OR  You’ve Been Invited to Trakstar Perform: Role Trak: Manager Training

Clicking the link in this email will allow you to set up a username and password for Trakstar Academy.  Please complete the course by the deadline.  In the future, you can log in to this training account to review the courses at any time!

View Your Teams' Progress

Once your team is enrolled in the Trakstar Academy courses, you can track and view their progress at any time.

To view this information, access their profile by finding their profile via Users and clicking on their name.  Navigate to the Courses tab of their profile.

You'll be able to see all courses they are enrolled in and their progress.

Want a more in-depth review?  Access this information via Reports from the left navigation bar.

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