Employee Quick Start Guide

Ready to get started with Trakstar Perform?  Follow this handy guide to learn how to log in, edit your profile, and complete your review!

Logging In

Navigate to Trakstar.com in your web browser, then click on Sign in in the top right corner.

You'll be prompted to enter your company name, username, and password.  Not sure what the company name is?  Please reach out to your internal HR team. 

FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? Click the button under the login: Help! I can’t log in. We’ll send you an email that contains a personalized link to reset it.

Changing Your Password

Once you are logged in, click on your initials or profile photo in the upper right corner of your account, and select Profile Settings from the drop-down menu.

Click Change next to Password.

Enter your current password and new password to confirm this update.

Add a Profile Photo

Click on your initials in the top right corner of your account, and select Profile Settings from the drop-down menu.

Hover over your current photo - or your initials, if you have yet to add a photo - until Change appears. Click Change to update.

Click Choose an Image to select an image from your local computer. Once you're done, select Save.

Take a Note on Your Review

From your homepage, click on My Notes from the tab on the left side of the

Enter the note in the text box and select the privacy setting you'd like to apply.  This allows you to either add private notes or ones that your manager will see.  You can also select a competency that this note is related to.  If no competency is selected, your text will be placed in the General Notes section.  You can also attach files - like screenshots, certificates, etc.  Remember to click Add This Note at the end to save the note!

Additionally, you can add notes by selecting Set Goals on your dashboard!

Once selected, this will take you to the Goals and Notes of your review, where you can add Notes beneath your competencies or in the General Notes section.

Add a Goal to Your Review

From your current review, click on Set Goals. 

If your review is in scoring, this button will say Score Review.  Once you are inside your review hub, you can click on Goals and Notes in the timeline to add a goal.

Select Add a Goal.

Pro Tip: If Goal Setting is enabled, you will see the Add a Goal button.  Managers may have the ability to set goals, too!  If you cannot add a goal, you can add a measurement attached to a competency.  Goals are big-picture competencies that are set for an individual to focus on.  Goals are scored and can carry weight overall.

Add An Existing Goal or Create a New Goal

Add the Goal Name and a description, select the appropriate rating scale and remember to Save the Goal when you are done.

Select the Location for the Goal

Select Insert Goal once you have selected the section for the goal. Typically, there will only be one option here, but your organization may have multiple goal sections.

Your goal will now show up as a line item to be scored during your subsequent evaluation.

Edit or Remove a Goal

Hover over your goal, and a trash can and a pencil icon will appear. Select the trash can to delete the goal and the pencil to make changes or edits. 

If Edit is selected, the content of the goal can be edited and the weight of the goal adjusted.  

Add a Measurement to Your Review

From your current review, click on Set Goals. 

If your review is in scoring, this button will say Score Review. Once you are inside your review hub, you can click on Goals and Notes in the timeline to add a goal.

Locate where you want to add your measurement - they can be added to competency or goal. Once you find the location, click on Add Measurement.

Fill in the Measurement Fields

Fill in the Measurement Title and other fields.  The Measurement Title is the only required field.  

Pro Tip: This is an excellent place for any SMART details you want to include!

Be sure to click Save when you are done.

Score Your Self-Review

When it's time to score your self-review, your current review button will change from Set Goals to Score Review.  Click on Score Review to get started.

Select a score for each competency from the rating scale. 

Add any additional comments you'd like to associate with this competency.  Comments are optional, and you can add attachments within the comments.

Answer any open-ended questions. These require an answer.  To save, click on Add This Answer.

Use the Summary Comments for any final thoughts.  These are not required.

When you've completed your review, it's time to send it to your manager. Your manager cannot see any self-review information until you click Send to ManagerYour review cannot be edited once submitted to your manager.

Provide 360-Rater Feedback

Your colleagues may request that you offer feedback on their review.  If selected, you will receive an email, and the request will appear on your homepage under Requests.

Select a rating from the scale for each competency listed.  You can add comments as well.  These scores and comments are sent directly back to your colleagues' managers.  You may also be asked to answer open-ended questions.

When everything has been scored, you can click Send to Manager to complete your 360-Rater Feedback.

Acknowledge Your Review

Once your review has been completed and you've met with your manager, your manager will send your review for Approval. Although not all companies have this setup, you will need to acknowledge your review if your company does have enabled!

After your one-on-one discussion with your manager, they will send your review back to you so you can acknowledge it.  Click on View Submitted Review.

Once selected, you will notice an Approval tab within your review. Click into this tab, and you will be able to review your manager's scores and feedback. When you're finished, select the Acknowledge button.

The approval step is the final step in the review cycle! Once your review has been archived, you will be able to select My Archived Reviews on your dashboard to view all of your archived reviews.

 Reach out to our team at perform@trakstar.com - we're happy to help!

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