Succession Planning FAQs

You've got questions about succession planning and 9-Box - well, we've got answers!  

Are you just getting started?  Check out our complete guide to succession planning in Perform here.

Can I place an employee somewhere on the matrix manually?

No, employees are plotted based on their performance and potential score only.  This helps to avoid bias.

Can I adjust the thresholds to move employees on the matrix?

Yes, use the advanced settings to change the threshold for the axis if you’re not seeing enough disparity between employees on the grid.

As a best practice, the minimum threshold in the advanced settings should be the minimum value assigned to your rating scale (if the minimum value in your rating scale is 20, having the minimum threshold at 0 will artificially inflate your report).

Will employees be able to see where they are placed on the grid?

No, the potential section of the 9-box is never shared with an employee, and only admins can view the 9-box grid report.

How do I share this data with my team?

You can export the data as a PDF (which preserves how it appears on your screen) or as a CSV, to take action outside the system.

I don’t see this report in my account; how can I get it added?

Reach out to our support team or your account manager, and then we can enable 9-Box in your Perform account for you.

How do I add the Potential section to my reviews?

You can add this to any form via the Position area.  Select the Position you want to edit (or add a new one), then click on Add Element.

Select Section, then search for potential.  Select the Potential section.  Remember to click Add at the bottom.  You’ve just added the potential section to this review form!

Can I adjust the default potential section?

You can edit the potential section via Forms > Section, then click on Potential.

I don't see the Potential section! How can I add it?

The Potential section may be included in many Perform instances, but it can be removed.  If you do not see a Potential section, you can add a new section under Forms with the following parameters:

Name: Potential

Type: Section

Elements: Add the following three competencies to this section (these may already be in your account, as they are part of the stock competency library.)

  • Ability: Could the employee perform at a higher level, in a different position, or take on increased responsibilities within the next year (consider the person’s ability only, not whether there is a position available to support this growth)?
  • Aspiration: Does the employee demonstrate leadership ability—by showing initiative and vision, delivering on promised results, communicating effectively, and taking appropriate risks?
  • Engagement: Does the employee welcome opportunities for learning and development?

Can I add additional potential sections?

Yes, you can add additional potential sections to your employee’s reviews.  When doing so, edit the section to make it not visible to employees.  You can then add this section to any review you’d like.

Note: Once a section has been hidden, it cannot be undone and made visible to an employee.  Learn more about hidden sections here.  Additionally, all hidden sections will have a weighting of 0% to ensure an equitable review score for employees.

When viewing the 9-Box Grid, you can select which section you want to pull the potential score from.

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