Add a Goal to Your Review

Setting goals helps your team stay focused on competencies throughout the year. It is a great way to track progress and achievements.

Your organization may use Trakstar Perform to set goals in several different ways. This article will discuss the “Add a Goal” feature on an appraisal. This feature can be enabled/disabled by your site administrator.

If you do not have this feature, see “ Add a Measurement” for another way to track objectives in Trakstar Perform.

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn more!

Step 1: Log in to Trakstar Perform and click on your Current Review. 

 If your current appraisal is in Scoring mode, click the ‘ Goals and Notes‘ tab in the timeline.

Step 2: Click Add a Goal at the top of the page.

Step 3: Select Add an Existing Goal or Create New Goal

If you choose to  Create a New Goal, fill in the Name and Description fields for the goal (Optional: Select the rating scale this goal will be scored on. Your organization may only have one option available in which case that rating scale will populate underneath the Name and Description. When finished, click Save Goal.

Step 4: Select where this goal will be placed on the review. You may see a specific section and/or may be asked if you’d like this goal to be at the top or bottom of the review. Select appropriately and click Insert Goal.

Step 5: The goal will then be saved and added to your review.

Note: Have you already completed your Self-Review and realized there were other goals you needed to add? If a goal is added after the Self-Review has already been submitted, this will automatically re-open your review so that you can select the rating for that goal!

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