Video: How to Start a Manager Check In Survey

Learn how to set up a manager check-in survey within Perform!  Watch the video below or scroll down to learn more.

What are the benefits of a manager check in survey?

Manager check ins allow you to improve communication with your team, and check in on priorities, career development, and more.  This survey has pre-built questions but can be further customized for your needs.

Creating a New Survey

Click on Engagement from the left navigation bar to create a new survey.  You'll see the different survey options available here and the past surveys you've sent.  Click on Manager Check In Survey to get started.


The Manager Check-In is essentially a  custom survey with pre-built options.  You can further customize, edit, and add questions to these surveys.  Or you can build one from scratch with the Custom Survey.

You can edit the Survey Title and Description.  The survey title will be seen by anyone who takes the survey - the description is only seen by the person who sends the survey.  

When working with the Manager Check-In or Opinion Poll, you'll see the pre-defined questions displayed here.  You can edit them however you'd like.  With the Custom Survey, you'll see a blank question ready for you to edit.

Let's go over the fields available for creating a question.

  1. You can select what Answer Type you'd like to have - either a rating scale or a comment field.  You can also select if you'd like a 3, 5, or 10-point scale.
  2. If selecting a rating scale, you can define which each point on the scale equals.
  3. Selecting a rating scale can also have an optional comment section.
  4. You can delete, copy, or move the questions within the survey, to fully customize it.
  5. You can set any question as Optional or Required.

To add additional questions, scroll down to the bottom of the survey and click on Add Survey Question.

When you are done creating and editing your survey, click on Save & Continue.


The  respondent section allows you to choose to who this survey will be sent out.  As a manager, you can send the survey to any of your direct reports. 


The  review section allows you to edit the settings for this survey.  We always recommend taking a look at these before sending a survey!

Click on any of the options to make any edits.

  • Schedule - The date and time the survey will be sent out.
  • Recurrence - Do you want this survey to go out on a specific cadence?  This is helpful for Manager Check-Ins - send it out weekly before your 1-on-1s to gather valuable information!
  • Cutoff Date - When will this survey close?
  • Anonymous Responses - This setting allows you to set the responses as anonymous.  Once this is turned on, it cannot be turned off.  You must receive at least five responses to view the responses when sending an anonymous survey.
  • Email Reminders - When the survey is sent out, the employee receives an email with a direct link to complete it.  You can set reminders to go out if they have not completed the survey.

If you scroll down, you'll be able to preview the survey.  And when you're ready, click Schedule Survey in the lower right corner.

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