Video: An Overview of the Processes Tab

The Processes controls the settings for your review process - the parameters for what the review should do within your system.  Depending on your organization, you may have one or multiple processes available to you as an administrator.  
Watch the video below or scroll down to learn more!

Getting Started with Processes

To begin, locate the Processes tab from the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen.  All of your current review processes will be displayed here.  Each review set within your account will have a process assigned to it.  If you want to add a new process, you can do so by clicking on Add Process from the top right corner - this will add the process to the page here.  You can then Edit any process you'd like.

Editing a Process

There are four tabs at the top of the process - let's go over the various elements within each of them.


This section displays an overview of the process.  You can edit various elements here.  The Goals section allows employees to add goals to their review.  If your process does not use goals, you can hide the Goals & Notes review on the home page so it won't populate until the reviews enters the scoring phase.
The Scoring Review section allows to set the employee's ability to have a self-review.  If there is no self-reviews needed, you can deselect this option and the managers can override it.  
360-Rater Feedback allows you to enable or disable this feature, as well as set some pre-defined options - such as anonymous feedback, suggesting 360-raters, and more.  You can also add in pre-defined 360-rater groups, which allows managers to select from these groups during the review process.
Send for Approval allows you to create approval lists and change the type of approval needed for reviews.  If you don't need approval, you can select No approval needed.  The options you select will appear under the Approval tab.  You can also add additional instructions for managers here, for clarity during the review process.

At the very bottom, we have the Archive Review section. There are three options here that you may choose from. We have Do Not Automatically Archive, which this would mean that the manager would need to or the administrator would need to archive these reviews manually. You may even choose to auto archive this a set number of days after the review is finished, or when the review is completed, it'll automatically archive carry forward the measurements, goals and weights will carry forward the goals and measurements and weights on one review to the next review.

You can set options at the bottom for archiving the review, under Archive Review.  You can have the review not automatically archived, automatically archived a set amount of dates after the schedule archive date, or automatically archive once the approval is completed.

You can also select to have the measurements, goals, & weights automatically carry forward onto the new review, once it is archived.


The Schedule tab allows you to edit the recurring review dates, such as if a review will operate off of a base date or annual date.  Learn more about the Schedule tab here!


This tab allows you to adjust the description and language that appears at the bottom of the review, with the electronic signatures. 

Score Formatting

You can adjust the formatting of your scores and how they will display.  Learn more about score calculations here.

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