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Ready to dive into your Trakstar Perform account?  We have you covered with tons of training options for all different types of learners.  We suggest enrolling in Trakstar Academy - we've got courses designed specifically for new admins.

Here are some great additional training resources to check out:

Trakstar Perform Admin Guide

Glossary of Perform Terms

Logging Into Perform

Navigate to Trakstar.com and click Sign In.  Alternatively, you can bookmark app.trakstar.com, to go directly to the login page in the future.

Enter your company name, username, and password from the login page.

Forgotten your password?  Click Help!  I can't log in; enter your email address, and click Send Help - you should receive an email shortly to reset your password.

Having trouble logging in?  Feel free to reach out to our support team at support@trakstar.com

Benefits of Trakstar Perform

Trakstar Perform’s Engagement feature allows you and managers within your site to send surveys to employees. Engagement includes a plug-and-play company pulse survey with research-backed questions to help measure and promote employee engagement within your organization.  Learn more here!

Don't see engagement in your account? Rach out to our support team at perform@trakstar.com , and we'll turn it on for you!

The Trakstar Platform

  • The console will provide additional reporting functionalities, as well as allow you to access our additional modules - Trakstar Hire (Applicant Tracking System) and Trakstar Learn (Learning Management System)

Perform offers integrations with other software, such as ADP, allowing you to connect your HR tools with the system seamlessly! We offer a dedicated integrations team to help facilitate this connection - reach out to us at perform@trakstar.com if you’d like to implement this within your site! 

We look forward to chatting with you! You can see our smiling faces here, and get in touch at perform@trakstar.com - we're fast to reply!

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