Employees: Welcome to Perform!

Welcome to Trakstar Perform! Here are some resources you can use to get started. 

We suggest enrolling in our eLearning courses through Trakstar Academy. These courses are designed specifically for new users and help you get up and running like a pro! You can enroll in these here.

Here are some additional resources as well:

Managers: If you have direct reports at your organization, don’t forget to look at our Manager Quick Start page for additional information on your responsibilities within Trakstar Perform.

How to log into Trakstar Perform:

Navigate to trakstar.com and click “Sign In”, or navigate directly to app.trakstar.com

Enter your Company Name, username, and password - these will all be the same as your Reviewsnap credentials

If you’ve forgotten your password, click on “Help! I can’t log in”, enter your email address, and click “Send Help” - you will receive an email containing a link to reset your password

If you are having any trouble logging into your account, reach out to our support team at perform@trakstar.com

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