Using Notes & Comments for Year Round Feedback

This is applicable if your admin has turned on the option to allow employees to take notes on all other employeesLearn more here!

Some of the most valuable feedback comes from your trusted colleagues - the ones who you work and interact with daily!  You can request feedback from anyone with the 360-Rater Feedback option, but did you know you can also take notes on your colleagues at any time during the year - not just review time?  Read below to learn how!

From your home page, scroll down to the Take Notes section.  You will see all eligible employees listed here.  Click on the employee you'd like to add your notes to.

You'll view the notes page for this employee, along with additional details.  You can then add notes.  This is especially useful if you've recently interacted with the employee you want to document.

You can also attach files (such as screenshots or deliverables) and can notate if you want the note to be visible to the employee.  Only the manager and site admin can view the note if you set it as private.

Once you are done, be sure to click on Add this note!

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