User Roles in Perform

Perform has multiple roles that users can be assigned within the system to grant them precisely the right amount of access.  Read below to learn about the roles so you can choose the most appropriate ones for your employees.


  • Every user in the system is set up with these permissions
  • Allows access to their homepage and review, the My Notes page, and the ability to take notes on other employees


  • Allows a user to be assigned direct reports and access their direct report reviews
    • This includes historical data and reviews completed by another manager
  • Access the Track Goals tab to cascade goals or view current measurements of their direct reports
  • Access to reports that include anyone below them in the organization chart
  • Ability to send engagement surveys to anyone below them in the organization chart
  • Cannot modify employee profiles

Integrations Admin

  • Grants a user permission to set up specific integrations within the system (such as Slack or SSO) without allowing them any additional permissions in the system
  • This can be turned on via their User Profile under the Roles section.  You can select which integrations an Integrations Admin will have permission to access here as well - click Permissions next to the Integrations Admin check box.

A window will pop up, and you can select which integrations you'd like this user to have access to.  They will not have additional admin access to anything else in your account.

  • By default, all administrators are also integration admins


  • Full access to everything in the Perform system, including updating and changing forms and processes, adding and updating users, logging in as specific users, viewing all reviews and data, and more.

Restricted Admin

  • Access to employees within their restrictions
  • No access to processes, forms, or settings
  • Can have access to engagement surveys, if enabled by an admin
  • This role is designed for department heads to have access to and make changes to employee profiles within their department, but no access to other departments
  • Learn more about restricted admins here!

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