Frequently Asked Questions about Engagement

You've got questions about engagement - well, we've got answers!  

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What do the surveys and emails look like to my employees?  Can I customize the emails?

No, the emails cannot be customized.  Your employees will receive an initial email inviting them to the survey that looks like this:

And follow-up reminder emails look like this:

Here is a screenshot of a survey as an employee sees it.  You can also preview custom surveys (such as the manager check-in or poll) on the Review page prior to sending them out:

Can I view the questions for the Company Pulse Survey?

Yes, you can view the questions to any of the twelve pre-built company pulse surveys by clicking on the six dots to the right of the survey:

This will display the questions, as well as the corresponding concept.

Can I edit the questions on the Company Pulse Survey?

No, the Company Pulse Survey questions have been designed to measure engagement with the three critical components of Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose.  The questions cannot be edited or changed to collect the most accurate data and provide a "big picture" overview of your organization's holistic engagement. 

Who came up with the questions for the Company Pulse Survey?

The autonomy, mastery, and purpose framework is based on a concept by Daniel Pink.  You can learn more by watching the video below or checking out this article. Check out Daniel Pink's book Drive for an even more in-depth look.

How often should I send surveys out to my employees?

When sending out the Company Pulse Survey - which consists of twelve separate surveys - we recommend sending out the surveys every two or four weeks.  

With the surveys going out every two weeks, the entire survey will be complete in six months - this is better if your organization is in a growth period of rapid change and you need faster results.

With the surveys going out every four weeks, the entire survey will be complete in a year - this is better if your organization is in a more stable period and you want a high-level view of engagement over time.

We highly recommend surveying your employees at least once a year to gauge engagement and other critical feedback.  Significant changes in the organization - or the world! - it is always a good time to conduct a survey to see how your employees handle it and what you can do to help them succeed.

For managers, surveys can be a valuable tool to prepare for 1-on-1s, so you may want to send them out weekly!

Will my employees receive Slack notifications for the surveys?

No, there are no Slack notifications enabled for the engagement feature.  Employees will receive email notifications and reminders (if you've set them up under the Review tab of the survey), but not Slack notifications and reminders.

I only received four responses to my anonymous survey - how can I view the results?

No, you must receive at least five responses to anonymize survey results.  If you do not receive at least five responses, you will be unable to view the survey results - with no exceptions.  Remember, you cannot turn off the anonymous option once enabled.  This is designed to protect the anonymity of your employees.  

Keep this in mind when sending anonymous surveys, and be sure your employees complete the surveys so you can see the results.  Do not select the anonymous option when sending a survey to four employees or fewer.

What happens if an employee does not fill out the survey?

Employees who do not fill out a survey will receive reminder notifications up until the survey closes.  Once the survey closes, they will no longer receive emails.  No further penalties exist if an employee does not fill out the survey.

What questions should I ask my employees?

We've compiled 250 question ideas to use on your next engagement survey, with topics like management, learning and development, job satisfaction, performance reviews, general feedback, and more. Click here to download the PDF!

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