Setting Up Separate Due Dates for Reviews

Within Trakstar, you can set separate deadlines for different review steps. For example, you can set a different due date for self-review and manager review completion!

To learn more, watch the video or follow the written steps below!

To update the deadlines, you can select the Processes tab located to the left of your screen. Once there, select Edit next to the process you'd like to update!

From here, click into the Schedule tab.

Within the Schedule tab, you can set the archive date from within the Specific Date field. If your company prefers to set up reviews based on employee anniversary dates, you can also select the drop-down and choose the Base Date option.

Pro Tip: When changing the archive date in your process, this update won't go through automatically for employee reviews. You must perform a bulk edit to align reviews to this new archive date. To learn more, check out our resource on bulk editing review information here!

While the archive date represents the final due date that all steps in a review cycle should be completed by, there are some additional deadlines you can set within the process as well, such as when scoring will begin, when the self-review should be done, and when manager reviews should be completed.

You can change the number of days listed in the box for each of these deadlines. These deadlines subtract the number of days you input from the archive date. An example schedule below shows that the scoring window will open for reviews 30 days before the archive date. Additionally, the self-review will be due 14 days before the archive date, and the manager review will be due seven days before the archive date.

Once you've established your desired deadlines and select Save in the lower right-hand corner, a sample schedule will populate so that you can check your work and ensure everything is set up in the way you're looking for!

Based on the schedule you set up within your process, employees will receive an email notification from the system on the date the scoring begins to notify them that their reviews are ready for completion! This and reminder emails that trigger from the system will send based on your process's schedule. You can learn more about the email notifications in Perform here!

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