All About Perform Email Notifications

Email notifications are a vital part of your Trakstar Perform system. The emails in Trakstar are designed to communicate information about the review cycle, encourage check-ins and ongoing feedback, share the following steps, and alert users of any action items that are behind schedule.

Enable or Disable Emails (Account Wide)

The global on/off switch for your emails can be found at the top of the Settings tab > Notifications. Your emails must be Enabled company-wide. If disabled, no emails will be sent except for Welcome Emails. 

What's the difference between notifications and reminders?

  • Notifications alert a user of an event - such as letting a manager know an employee has written a note. 
  • Reminders advise a user of a task, usually relative to the due date - such as a manager being reminded when an employee has a past due review.

Editing Emails

You can edit the body and subject lines of any email notifications. To get started, you can get acquainted with your system's different types of emails. Your emails are categorized based on their content and the actions they are related to. Click on the notification you'd like to modify to open it for editing. 

You can learn more about the email - such as when it was sent and why - and make any changes to the recipient, subject line, or body. 

Pro Tip: Customize the email with fillable fields such as the recipient's first name, login link, and more!

You can also disable specific emails or delete them

For Reminder emails, you can adjust the frequency and timing. Past-due reminders are a good example. These reminders may be relative to a due date or can be fixed dates (select dates from a calendar). Reminders will be sent at the time indicated within your email notification settings at the top of the Notifications page. 

Please note that emails will only be sent if the conditions are met. For example, a “past due” email will only send to those individuals who have action items past their due date. Emails regarding self-reviews will never send if self-reviews are not enabled within your site.

Additional Resources on Notifications 

Note: If you have SSO enabled, we highly recommend editing the Welcome Email before sending it to your employees. Otherwise, it will include non-relevant information about their login name and password. You can learn more about editing the Welcome Email - and all emails! - here.  We suggest the following text:

Hello {{recipient_first_name}},
Your Trakstar Perform account has been created or updated. Single Sign-On (SSO) has been enabled for your account.
Follow this link to get started now - you'll enter COMPANY NAME and then choose "Click here to log in with your SSO provider": {{login_link}} Thanks,

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