Engagement Survey Reporting - Manager Check-In Usage for Administrators

Perform Engagement Survey reporting is a powerful tool designed to revolutionize how managers leverage engagement survey data to drive organizational success. This reporting allows you to easily generate board-ready visuals of engagement survey data that provide insights into broad themes, top priorities, and trends over time.

The Manager Check-In tool offers

  1. Big Picture Insights: An overview of how managers are using the Manager Check-In tool without diving into individual responses.
  2. Usage Tracking: Who is using Manager Check-Ins and how often.
  3. Trend Spotting: Trends for Manager Check-In usage over time.

Accessing Engagement Reporting for Manager Check-In Usage:

To access this reporting, navigate to the “Engagement” tab > “Reporting”. 

Engagement Missing?

If you are an Administrator and not seeing Engagement as a feature, please reach out to perform@trakstar.com to help.

Reporting Not Loading?

If this is your first time accessing a reporting dashboard, Perform will first need to build your account, which can take up to an hour. If after an hour, Engagement Reporting is not loading, please reach out to perform@trakstar.com

Please note that currently, this will only display managers who have a completed survey or check-in only.

Dashboard Filters

Our Dashboard Filters allow you to deep dive further into your data from your survey responses. Please note that adjusting any of the following filters will affect all data in the Dashboard. 

Survey Name

The Survey Name filter at the top left allows you to choose from the list of Manager Check-In surveys you have sent out. Note: If you have not sent out any surveys as a Manager Check-In this list will not populate. 

Sent Date

The Sent Date filter allows you to view lists data from the dates surveys were sent. For surveys sent multiple times, you can focus on a particular date or include all occurrences.

If you pick just one date, visuals showing trends over time will have only one data point.

Survey Status

The Survey Status filter (at the top center) lets you choose between active, archived, or all surveys (both active and archived). This is a global filter that affects everything on the dashboard.

Employee Status

The Employee Status filter, located at the top center, allows you to choose between Active, Terminated, or All Trakstar Perform Users (both Active and Terminated).


The Respondent filter will show data for all employees. 

Survey Sent Date

The Sent Date filter allows you to select data from a specific date range.

Manager Name

The Manager Name filter (at the top center) allows you to choose specific managers to include in the report. 

Employee Status

The Employee Status filter (top center) allows the user to pick either Active, Terminated or All Trakstar Perform Users (Active and Terminated).

Sections of the Dashboard

Survey Distribution Trends

This bar chart shows the number of manager check-in surveys sent out each week, as labeled on the X-axis. Hover over the bars to see how many surveys were sent during the week defined on the X-axis.

Survey Distribution by Manager

This table provides the total count of surveys sent, along with the dates they were sent and the response rate, organized by the Manager. Each manager's survey count is visually represented with a data bar.

Dates Sent is the number of instances when a Manager Check-In was sent to employees.

Response Rate is calculated by dividing the number of survey responses received by the number of surveys that were sent to employees.

If you click on a manager's name in the table, the Survey Distribution Trends bar chart will show data filtered specifically for that manager. Additionally, you can export this table as a CSV or Excel file to analyze the survey data outside of the dashboard.

Manager and Respondent Survey Counts

This table provides the count of surveys sent by each manager, along with the response count and response rate for each survey, organized by manager and respondent name. It also includes details on the survey status and description, providing insight into employee responses to Manager Check-In surveys.

Find more features below!

Print Capabilities

The Dashboard, except for the full scoreable table, can be printed via your local printer, or by selecting "print to PDF" to save the file directly to your computer in PDF format.

Export Capabilities

To use or view specific data in Excel or CSV file, hover your mouse near the top right corner and click the three dots. A pop-up menu will appear allowing you to export the tables in CSV or Excel form.

Filtering Capabilities

The Control Panel is always at the top of the dashboard. You can expand or collapse it by clicking the arrow in the top right corner.

If the survey is anonymized, these filters will only show options where there are five or more survey responses. This is to keep the respondents' data confidential.

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