How can I add new employees?

From the Employees tab, select Add Employee.

Fill in the required fields with Employee data. Click Add Employee at the bottom of the page when done.

  • Password field: Welcome emails will overwrite what is entered in the password field, so you may wish to enter something simple like “password123”. Your new employee will be prompted to change their password the first time they sign in.
  • User role: If they are managing people, tick the box next to “manager” under ROLES. Similarly, if they will be a site Administrator, tick the box next to “Administrator.”
  • Is their Position not listed? Click here to learn how to add a new Position.
  • Is their Location, Department, Job Title, or other groupings not listed? Click here to learn how to add options.

To grant your new user access to Trakstar Perform, navigate to their profile from the "Employee – Active" list and send them a welcome email.

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