Exporting Individual 360-Rater Scores

If your company utilizes 360-Rater Feedback and you need to report on each rater's individual scores, say no more! With the Export to CSV option provided in your review lists, there is a selection you can make to ensure these exact details are part of the report!

To begin, you can go into the Reviews tab and the list you need to export. If you need to create a custom review list, you can learn how to create this here! Once you've gone into the list, you can select the Export button in the upper-righthand corner and choose the CSV option. 

From here, you will see five different export options to choose from. You can select the Review Scores option to populate the individual rater scores. Along with the individual 360-Rater scores, you can also include the Manager and Employee scores here. 

Once you select the Export button, this will start a download of the CSV file so that you can view those individual rater scores for each employee in the report!

If you have more questions about this or other export options, please reach out to perform@trakstar.com! We're here and happy to help.

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