Trakstar Academy: Prep for End Of Year Reviews


Are you ready for your review?  We've got you covered with an eLearning course that covers all the review process's basics.  Click here to enroll!


Review time can be stressful for managers - not only do you have to complete your review, but you work with those you manage to complete theirs.  Learn more about the process and how to complete your direct reports' reviews in this eLearning course.  Click here to enroll!


Trakstar Academy has all the tools and references you need to help your managers and employees with their reviews and ensure you are up to speed on everything you need as an Admin.  Check out our complete course offerings - including customized tracks for specific users and workflows - here!

Pro Tips for Admins: Getting Ready for Review Season

Reviews will launch automatically based on the date set in your process settings.  Here are our pro tips on what you should ensure is set up before that launch date.

Four Weeks Before

Perform a review clean-up to ensure no honest reviews from past cycles.  Only completed reviews are archived automatically, so any incomplete reviews will remain open until completion. 

Clearing out incomplete reviews is best done by bulk editing. If the employee self-review and manager review are completed, you can cancel approval (if the review has been sent for approval) and then force archive in a bulk edit. Choose Approval Actions > Cancel Approval for all Scoring reviews to cancel the approval.  To archive, select Archive Actions > Archive all completed reviews.

If the manager's review is incomplete, you have the following options:

  • The manager can complete the review document
  • You can proxy as them to complete it on their behalf
  • You can cancel the review

Canceling a review is permanent, and reviews cannot be uncanceled.  While employees and managers cannot access canceled reviews, admins can retrieve these reviews under Reviews Canceled Reviews.  You can cancel reviews in bulk by choosing Cancel Reviews at the bottom of the bulk edit screen.

If the manager's review is complete, but the employee's self-review is not, you can override the self-review in a bulk edit by choosing Self-Review Actions > Override Self-Review.  Once the self-review is overridden, you can archive the review in a bulk edit.

These tasks will ensure that all incomplete reviews have been cleaned up and your account is ready for your new cycle.

Three Weeks Before

You probably have your forms set up from your last cycle - but now is an excellent time to review them and ensure they cover everything you need.  Forms cannot be edited once the reviews are underway, so going over them in advance is an excellent habit. Learn more about editing forms in this webinar.

Two Weeks Before

Do you have any new employees you need to add?  Ensure all employees have been added to Perform and are ready for review.  A quick audit of your employee data is also valuable - ensure all information, emails, and processes are correct and assigned.  You can bulk edit reviews - including the archive data, period, and more - to take action if needed.

One Week Before

Review the email settings for your account under Settings > Emails.  This is where you can disable and enable any emails that go out to employees during the review cycle, including the welcome email. If you want to enable reminders for specific dates, you can set that up here - click here to learn more.

Do you want to edit your team's welcome message when they log in?  Now is a great time to set that up!  Learn more here.

Note: If an employee cannot access their Perform account, you can reset their password and resend their welcome email.  If you use SSO for logging in and cannot remember your password, please have your employee contact your own IT department, as our support team will be unable to assist or reset their password.

Registering for Trakstar Academy

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